Academy Direction Communication

Firstly we want to wish you and your families the best possible, given the general situation that we have had to live in the last few months.

We want to inform you that after analyzing it in detail in recent weeks, we have finally decided not to hold our Beach Soccer Campus this summer of 2020. The decision has not been an easy one. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis we have been analyzing the situation carefully. In the early stages it seemed totally unfeasible and in the last few days certain options were opened. However, we still see too much uncertainty and many processes are required to be able to do the campus with the professionalism and security that we like and believe necessary (authorizations, insurance, sanitary protection measures, material …). In addition, the safe obligation to reduce the number of places and greatly limit the proximity and contact between participants, would make the campus lose much of its motivations, such as the widest possible dissemination of this sport, the intention of admitting everyone and all and that the treatment during the days is very close and warm with all the boys and girls.

We believe that, although painful, it is the least bad option at the moment. Sorry for the delay in communicating it, but we have been analyzing the situation until the last moment. We hope to cause you as little inconvenience as possible with our decision and that you understand it.

We will continue working for and for this sport and for the good of all children.

Thank you,
RA10 Academy Direction