The Ramiro Amarelle‘s Academy is oriented to teach values to girls and boys through sports and to live experiences related to coexistence, social responsibility and healthy habits. The School already has continuous activity throughout the year, performs national and international collaborations both organizing campuses, as well as participating in tournaments or other events related to football and beach soccer.

All the activities of the Academy have the same objectives and quality criteria, since each of them are designed to bring out the best in each child as well as athlete and person.

The activities, currently, we can divide into three distinct lines of work:

  • National summer camps: For several years now we have been organizing summer camps in different towns of Galicia and Andalucia. The organization of these campuses are our hallmark and proof of this is that every year more girls and boys come to them. In addition, the degree of repetition is very high which makes us keep improving and wanting to give a better service every year
  • Activity continues throughout the year: The Academy has indoor facilities where you can give individualized services or small groups of sports technique, positioning and understanding of the game.
  • Participation in tournaments: The Academy has several teams organized by age that in many occasions has participated in both national and international tournaments. There are many tournaments that invite us to attend because they know the human quality and the passion that our players and players have for this sport.
  • Other events: We have recently started to organize clinics, seminars on the beach, training for international coaches, etc. The Academy is a world reference in terms of training not only for girls and boys, but also for coaches in clubs, of beach soccer as national teams.