Our summer camps aim to raise awareness of the importance of sports and co-educate girls and boys in values ​​through the teaching of beach soccer. In addition, we work to raise awareness of the importance of adequate child protection so that children can enjoy the sun without risks.

The age of participation in the most appropriate campuses is between six and sixteen years old and they are perfect for both girls and boys. In each camp, you can enjoy the experience of a booming sport and enjoy the good weather on the beach. The group of professionals that participate, has extensive experience in the formation of soccer and beach soccer, as well as pedagogical training for girls and boys. Through the development of fun games, the technical-tactical activities get the participants to learn and enjoy this dynamic, spectacular sport that is practiced in environments that make enjoy the beach through sports, companionship and the desire to promote values healthy and based on respect for others.

We work to increase the concern for individual improvement, both cognitive and technical sports. Since we started in 2012, more than 1,000 girls and boys have participated in our campuses with a very high grade of repetition in successive years.


The methodology of each campus has been organized according to the physical and mental capacity of the ages and abilities of the girls and boys who have been attending all these years. Expert physical trainers, trainers, nutritionists and physiotherapists, have developed a dynamic adjusted to the sport and the type of attendees. So in each campus we work in the following way:

  • Groups of girls and boys by ages and 10-12 boys by group
  • Division of space in different areas or fields to perform different tasks and depending on the task to be performed, each zone will be supervised with 1 or 2 monitors or trainers
  • Typology of tasks:
    • Psychomotor and coordinative tasks to improve the skills when running in the sand
    • Individual and collective skill tasks with the ball
    • Driving on the sand
    • Air conductions
      Shots, volleys and chileans
    • Specific movements of beach soccer game models
    • Work of goalkeepers in the integration of the game
    • Tasks of group cohesion games
    • Each post lasts 20 minutes and we finish with games in which we try to apply what we have learned, always enhancing the positive achievements of girls and boys.

One of the values ​​that we like to teach on our campuses is the adoption of healthy and educational habits that children should have during sports. Among them:

  • Individual bottle to drink water
  • Fruit and bars for the duration of the camp
  • Material collection and cleaning of our beach use area