We want to thank the support and commitment of all the sponsors of our activities. The adventures are best done as a team and your support during these years makes it easier to offer the girls and boys who come to our campuses a high quality service.

We hope that the sports and human values that we try to transmit to our assistants have generated an added value for you as well.

IT company that offers consulting services, software development and technology outsourcing

Axa Agency in A Coruña that offers, among all its services, life, health, home and business insurance

ADESTRAPP is a portable camera that through an APP transmits live video allowing you to rewind the play and watch it repeated instantly on any mobile or tablet. It facilitates technical-tactical correction to coaches, analysts and soccer players or any other sport by creating video cuts in real time.

Livestock cooperative founded 50 years ago and a benchmark in the dairy sector of Galicia. We produce, collect and market cow’s milk and derived products only from the farms of our cooperative members, to whom we guarantee all the necessary services to carry out their activity.

A few meters from the Camino de Santiago, in Melide, Dairylac transforms this optimal raw material to produce unique milks in the market and make unique and exquisite dairy products.

We produce the best eggs since 1940. Just by opening a Campomayor egg, you can see the difference. Our chickens are happy.

Distribution of confectionery, bakery, pizzeria, ice cream and hospitality products. Family tradition at the service of quality since 1976. Comprehensive distribution service with personalized attention to our customers.

Cooperative distribution company belonging to the Corporación Mondragón. It is based in the Biscayan town of Elorrio in the Basque Country.

Organization responsible for the foundation and growth of the sport of beach soccer.