Ramiro Amarelle ‘s Academy is committed to the active and voluntary contribution to social, economic, environmental improvement and human rights. To that end, we collaborate with several projects to strengthen our commitment to the environment and society in general.

Ledicia Cativa

Ramiro Amarelle Academy

The Ledicia Cativa Association is a non-profit organization whose objective is to temporarily lodge children from the Russian region of Bryansk, the most affected by the Chernobyl radiation, in families of the Autonomous Community of Galicia. Girls and boys come from shelters and families supervised by the Russian Federation.


The Agarimo association, founded by Nemesio Fernández Villa (Father Villa) more than 40 years ago, caters to young people belonging to the most disadvantaged groups from the social, cultural and economic point of view, in order to provide them with training that will facilitate their social and labor integration.

Ramiro Amarelle Academy

Servizos Sociais Concello Arteixo

The main objective is to promote the mechanisms to know, prevent and intervene with people, families and social groups, especially if they are in a situation of social risk or exclusion.

Kilo Project

The Ramiro Amarelle Academy promotes, through Kilo Projects during its camps, the solidarity conscience of participating girls and boys in order to fight against hunger and food waste. In this way, we help cover the food needs of the collaborating charities and raise our children’s awareness of this need.

Clean the beach

Caring for the beach is one of the priorities for beach soccer. That’s why we collect plastics and other materials to keep the beach in perfect condition and take care of the environment. We always try to make our children aware of the importance of respecting nature and the environment that surrounds us.